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Frangelica Tropical Statues

Tropical Bottle Openers and Ornaments (choose your favorite)

Tropical Bottle Openers and Ornaments (choose your favorite)

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Little thoughts! Enjoy these tiny and fun tropical ornaments. You can add a special pop to your favorite beverage with the hand painted cast iron crab, lobster, flamingo, fish, palm tree, hula, or beer bottle opener. Or, if you prefer jewels and sparkles, you can purchase the lucky jeweled elephant or teardrop crystal swan with a rainbow of colors. And don't forget the blown glass tropical Santa as he relaxes with his cocktail and panama hat! Choose them as gifts for yourself or for others with a diverse sense of style.




Crab Bottle Opener: 4"W x 3"D x 1"H. 1 lb.

Lobster Bottle Opener: 3.5"W x 1"D x 1"H. 0.3 lbs.

Flamingo Bottle Opener: 2"W x 2"D x 4.5"H. 1 lb.

Marlin Bottle Opener: 3.5"W x 0.5"D x 7"H. 1 lb.

Trout Bottle Opener: 5.5"Wx1"Dx2.5"H. 1 lb.

Seahorse Bottle Opener: 2"Wx1.5"Dx4.5"H. 1 lb.

Palm Bottle Opener: 3"W x 2.5"D x 4.5"H. 1 lb.

Hula Bottle Opener: 1"W x 1"D x 5"H. 1 lb.

Horse Bottle Opener: 4"W x 0.5"D x 6"H. 0.5 lbs.

Beer Bottle Opener: 1.5"W x 0.5"D x 6"H. 0.5 lbs.

Mermaid Bottle Opener (large): 1"W x 1"D x 7.5"H. 1 lb.

Tropical Santa (Christmas tree ornament): 3"W x 3.5"D x 3.5"H. 0.25 lbs.

Jeweled Elephant: 3"

Crystal Swan: 2"

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