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4 foot raphis silk palm tree
5 foot raphis silk palm tree
6 foot raphis silk palm tree
7 foot raphis silk palm tree

Raphis Silk Palm Tree (choose your size)

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More than almost any other tree, palm trees bring a sense of place. In this case, it's "beach and tropics" that permeate from its distinct leaves. These Raphis palm trees do exactly that, sporting hundreds of distinct leaves. In fact, it looks so real, you'll be searching for the cabana! Perfect for any home or office.


4-foot: H: 48 In. W: 29 In. D: 27 In.

5-foot (in special bamboo planter only): H: 60 In. W: 30 In. D: 30 In.

6-foot: H: 72 In. W: 34 In. D: 34 In.

7-foot: H: 84 In. W: 42 In. D: 40 In.