The beginnings of Maritime Tropical Decor & Statues

This story started in 2012, on a Sunday drive. There she was, a beautiful 7-foot metal giraffe standing in a storefront. I looked at her and was mesmerized. I said "STOP! she's beautiful, I have to have her!" Even though I lived in an apartment at the time, I'd find a way. My soon-to-be husband and I named her Frangelica.

Note that the urban dictionary defines Frangelica as:

1. Anything that is extremely cool, exciting, fun and unique
2. To embody something that is great and wonderful
3. To embrace a new appreciation for life's little treasures

Since that first experience, our love of statues grew overwhelmingly. Animal statues in particular bring us such love and joy! We realized that many of these items are not available in Canada, and decided to start our own store. Kim provides inspiration, energy and creativity. Frank runs the business.

Frangelica still describes our personal criteria for adding items to our little dream store, even if it is a little difficult to spell and pronounce! In 2019, we re-located our home and business to the beautiful province of PEI and rebranded as Maritime Tropical Decor & Statues. We are proud of our roots in the Maritime provinces, and the kind and friendly nature of all the people we've met here! Many people slow down and stop by to say hello when they see our own life size giraffe, 14 foot palm tree, giant silverback, solar torch lights, various crocodiles and other animal statues in front of our home, overlooking the Northumberland Strait. Just a slight left off the paved road!

Enjoy the site and all the treasures that it may bring into your lives!

Kim & Frank

(Partners in Maritime Tropical Decor & Statues)