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3 foot cedar pine silk tree
4 foot cedar pine silk tree
5 foot cedar pine silk tree
6 foot cedar pine silk tree

Cedar Pine Silk Tree (choose your size)

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The Cedar Pine is renowned for its gentle beauty that lasts the entire year. It’s also a very versatile plant in terms of look - equally at home in a summer garden, a rustic den, or a snowy backyard. These Mini Cedar Pine Trees perfectly captures the essence of the real thing, without the care a live tree needs. These elegant trees will enhance any decor, and also make an ideal gift.



3-foot: H: 36 In. W: 18 In. D: 17 In.

4-foot: H: 48 In. W: 20 In. D: 20 In.

5-foot: H: 60 In. W: 19 In. D: 19 In.

6-foot: H: 72 In. W: 26 In. D: 26 In.