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7 foot areca palm for sale
6 foot areca palm silk tree
5 foot areca palm silk tree
4 foot areca palm silk tree
3 foot areca palm silk tree fpr sale

Areca Palm Silk Tree (choose your size)

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Bring the tropics home! These silk masterpieces provide the illusion of mature and new growth leaves hanging on realistic trunks. Looking astoundingly like real Areca Palms, the arrangement is completed in a plastic pot topped with artificial moss.


7-foot: H: 84 In. W: 50 In. D: 50 In.

6-foot: H: 72 In. W: 40 In. D: 40 In.

5-foot: H: 60 In. W: 45 In. D: 40 In.

4-foot: H: 48 In. W: 33 In. D: 33 In.

3-foot: H: 36 In. W: 27 In. D: 27 In.