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regal lion mahogany side table
regal lion mahogany table
regal lion mahogany sideboard
regal lion mahogany coffee table
regal lion mahogany desk
regal lion mahogany throne
regal lion mahogany bench

Lion Inspired Furniture (choose your favorite)

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These statement mahogany furniture pieces are flanked by individually hand-carved lion figures with barred teeth and powerful paws serving as testament to the regal nature of this mahogany furniture art.


side table: H: 26 In. W: 24 In. D: 24 In.

table: H: 32 In. W: 86 In. D: 46 In.

sideboard: H:31 In. W: 57.5 In. D: 15 In.

coffee table: H: 19.5 In. W: 55 In. D: 29 In.

executive desk: H: 31 In. W: 63 In. D: 36 In.

throne: H: 68 In. W: 36 In. D: 37 In.

bench: H: 20 In. W: 49 In. D: 20 In.