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  • regal lion mahogany side table
  • regal lion mahogany table
  • regal lion mahogany sideboard
  • regal lion mahogany coffee table
  • regal lion mahogany desk
  • regal lion mahogany throne
  • regal lion mahogany bench
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Frangelica Tropical Statues

Lion Inspired Furniture (choose your favorite)

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These statement mahogany furniture pieces are flanked by individually hand-carved lion figures with barred teeth and powerful paws serving as testament to the regal nature of this mahogany furniture art.


side table: H: 26 In. W: 24 In. D: 24 In.

table: H: 32 In. W: 86 In. D: 46 In.

sideboard: H:31 In. W: 57.5 In. D: 15 In.

coffee table: H: 19.5 In. W: 55 In. D: 29 In.

executive desk: H: 31 In. W: 63 In. D: 36 In.

throne: H: 68 In. W: 36 In. D: 37 In.

bench: H: 20 In. W: 49 In. D: 20 In.