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Frangelica Tropical Statues

Land and Sea Indoor Animal Sculptures (choose your favorite)

Land and Sea Indoor Animal Sculptures (choose your favorite)

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An extraordinary collection of contemporary art figures featuring individually hand cast marble resin indoor animal sculptures. Every piece is meticulously formed from a clay mould, hand cast in marble resin and individually hand painted to gloriously replicate one of nature's most incredible animals.



puffin: 6.5''L x 10.4''W x 13.8''H 9.5 lbs.

eagle: 9''L x 12.2''W x 14.5''H 9.25 lbs.

octopus: 18.7''L x 4.72''W x 10.24''H 22 lbs.

turtle: 17''L x 11.75''W x 13.25''H 20 lbs.

elephant: 13.5''L x 7''W x 9.25''H 15 lbs.

penguin: 9.5''L x 7.5''W x 14.75''H 9.5 lbs.

bluebird: 5.75''L x 6.5''W x 8''H 3 lbs.

shark: 8.1''L x 12.2''W x 23.1''H 8 lbs.

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