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Maritime Tropical Land & Sea Collection
shart art sculpture for sale
octopus art sculpture for sale
turtle art sculpture for sale
penguin art sculpture for sale
puffin art sculpture for sale
polar bear art sculpture for sale

Land & Sea Animal Sculptures (choose your favorite)

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An extraordinary collection of contemporary clay art figures featuring individually hand cast and hand painted marble resin land & sea animal sculptures. Every piece is meticulously formed from a clay mould, hand cast in marble resin and individually hand painted to gloriously replicate one of nature's most incredible animals.



shark: 23''L x 8''W x 12.25''H 10 lbs.

octopus: 18.7''L x 4.72''W x 10.24''H 22 lbs.

turtle: 17''L x 11.75''W x 13.25''H 9.5 lbs.

penguin: 9.5''L x 7.5''W x 14.75''H 9.5 lbs.

puffin: 6.5''L x 10.4''W x 13.8''H 9.5 lbs.

polar bear: 15''L x 8.75''W x 15.25''H 20 lbs.