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Frangelica Tropical Statues

Horse Statue (choose your favorite)

Horse Statue (choose your favorite)

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Bring a touch of the ranch to your home or garden space. The majestic brown and white lying down colt horse statue is stunningly crafted from designer resin, and is sure to impress visitors and guests. You can alternatively choose a brown and white Shetland pony. Or, if you are thinking really big, the stunning grand chestnut filly will dominate the landscape at roughly seven feet!



laying down colt: 23.5"W x16"D x16.75"H. 11 lbs.

standing Shetland pony: 32.5"W x8.5"D x19.5"H. 17 lbs.

grand filly: 90"W x22.5"D x82"H. 113 lbs.

Willing to wait for a chance at an even better price? Variations of this item are available for bid at the TROPICAL STATUES DOT COM online auction throughout May. Choose an item and make a bid using the link below:


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