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  • elephant glass top good fortune trunk up table for sale
  • elephant glass top side table for sale
  • trophy elephant glass top table for sale
  • elephant glass top cocktail table for sale
  • mother and calf elephant glass top table for sale
  • elephant sentinel statue for sale
  • large scale big baby elephant statue for sale
  • illuminated elephant head sculpture for sale
  • gold elephant sculpture for sale
  • elephant palace sculpture for sale
  • elephant shelf ornament for sale
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Frangelica Tropical Statues

Elephant Statues (choose your favorite)

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Add a touch of good fortune to your home with these high quality resin elephant statues. You can choose a gorgeous sentinel elephant, an impressively large big baby elephant statue, a unique illuminated elephant head sculpture, decorative golden wall sculpture, palace quality sculpture, or resting shelf ornament. For those looking for function as well as elegance, choose one of several detailed high quality glass-topped tables.



gold sculptural table: 18"Dx22"H. 21 lbs.

good fortune table: 16"D.x21.5"H. 18 lbs.

side table: 20.5"Wx9.5"Dx15.5"H. 13 lbs.

trophy table: 18"Dx20"H. 26 lbs.

cocktail table: 30"Wx18"Dx18"H. 30 lbs.

mother & calf table: 30"Wx18"Dx18"H. 37 lbs.

sentinel elephant: 55"Wx25.5"Dx42.5"H. 94 lbs.

big baby elephant statue: 73"Wx32"Dx61"H. 66 lbs.

illuminated wall sculpture (plugs-in): 30"Wx5"Dx32.5"H. 9 lbs.

golden wall sculpture: 16"Wx6.5"Dx17.5"H. 4 lbs.

palace sculpture: 12.5"Wx5.5"Dx10"H. 2 lbs.

resting shelf ornament: 5.5"Wx3.5"Dx2.5"H. 1 lb.