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cockatoo on a branch statue
blue jay on a branch statue
oriole on a branch statue
cardinal on a branch statue
budgie on a branch statue
lovebirds on a branch statue
Bird on a Branch Statue (choose your favorite)
Bird on a Branch Statue (choose your favorite)
duckling pair statues

Bird on a Branch Statue (choose your favorite)

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Nothing shows off your love for nature like a painstakingly-crafted bird on tree branch statue. Curious, agile and sometimes mischievous creatures, these bird figurines will be a perfect addition to any garden or home. The collection is highlighted by the flamboyant Cockatoo, at over 1 foot in height. The midsize options are perfect for certain bird (or baseball) fans, as you can choose a hand painted Blue Jay, Oriole or Cardinal! Or, choose a cute Budgie, a sweet pair of Lovebirds, wise barn or snowy owl or an adorable pair or ducklings!


Cockatoo: 6'' x 6'' x 15''

Blue Jay: 8'' x 3.75'' x 9.75''

Oriole: 5.5'' x 3.25'' x 7''

Cardinal: 7'' x 4'' x 8.25''

Budgie: 4'' x 3.15'' x 6.5''

Lovebirds: 4.5'' x 3.25'' x 5.25''

Barn Owl: 5'' x 3.5'' x 7.25''

Snowy Owl: 4.75'' x 3.5'' x 6.75''

Ducklings (sold as a pair, not on a branch, each): 2.95'' x 2.83'' x 4.53''