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Alpaca Statue (choose your size)

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So adorable! A spitting image of their llama cousins, our alpaca statues won't pull the fleece over anyone's eyes, though they're realistically sculpted in quality designer resin from wool to hooves and individually hand painted. Alpacas are known to hum in the wild and that's exactly what your home or garden decor will do when you choose to decorate with the trendy, chic, social darlings of the animal kingdom!




Giant: 51.5"Wx20"Dx63"H. 67 lbs.

Large: 18.5"Wx8.5"Dx24.5"H. 9 lbs.

Medium: 14"Wx6"Dx18.5"H. 6 lbs.

Baby: 11.5"Wx5.5"Dx13"H. 3 lbs.