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TROPICAL STATUES DOT COM Auction rules: items may be added or withdrawn from the auction, without notice. Auction dates can change, without notice. All sales final, no exchanges, goods are sold "as-is". Our company maintains full rights to keep any item (refund or not charge payment, as applicable) if any individual sale is deemed inappropriate for any reason, at the full discretion of our owner. Our owner's decision on winning bid is final in all cases, including in the unlikely event of a technological failure or fair reserve price not met.

You must create an account on our secure website, with a valid email and package delivery address within Canada or the USA, in order to successfully register a bid.

With the disclaimers out of the way, onto the fun of our Spring Auction! Its easy to BID!

There are 80 items available in the auction. All items with prefix AUCTION32 and showing an "AUCTION" banner in the top left corner are eligible for bid. Click on the item you want, enter your dollar amount beside the green button and click "Place bid". Remember that your bid price includes shipping. There is no additional shipping charge added to your winning bid. Bid early! Items with no bids are more likely to be removed or replaced from the current auction before it closes. Items with active bids from at least one customer will sell to the highest bidder.

Bids can be any amount, but the minimum bid must be at least $2 more than highest current bid to be eligible to win.

Bookmark the link below and come back as often as you like to see if your bid is still the highest

AUCTION32 has been extended and will now end on June 30th at 9pm EST

Highest qualifying bid at the end of the auction wins!

Reminder: Shipping service is free, but only available after full winning bid payment is confirmed.

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