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Frangelica Tropical Statues

Grand Scale Red Buck Deer Statue

Grand Scale Red Buck Deer Statue

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The privilege of a visit from a majestic Red Deer buck isn't confined to the tradition of grand European landscapes! The quintessential garden sculpture, our amazingly accurate investment in garden art stands over six-feet-long and over seven feet tall, complete with an enviable rack of antlers. The artist has sculpted nature's details with realistic texture, then cast them in quality designer resin reinforced with fiberglass for strength. Hand-painted one piece at a time for authenticity from giant rack to life-like eyes, this statuesque Red Deer buck is beyond compare, and a true value for its massive size! This large-scale, display-quality Red Deer buck lawn ornament transforms any home, garden, restaurant or hotel into something truly magnificent! 


Dimensions: 78"Wx44"Dx86.5"H. 73 lbs.

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