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  • metal pelican statue for sale
  • birds and pieces metal animal art collection
  • metal rooster statue for sale
  • metal peacock large tail statue for sale
  • metal peacock medium statue for sale
  • metal flamingo large statue for sale
  • metal flamingo medium statue for sale
  • metal bee statue pair for sale
  • metal iguana statue for sale
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Frangelica Tropical Statues

Birds and Bees Metal Animal Art (choose your favorite)

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A unique and wonderful outdoor birds and bees metal animal art collection! Each item has its own rustic and oversized personality, allowing the owner to proudly display anywhere in the home, garden, yard or by the pool.



large pelican: 22''L x 36''W x 33''H  8.5 lbs.

large rooster: 19''L x 11''W x 22''H  5 lbs.

peacock (train down): 16''L x 20''W x 28''H  4.7 lbs.

peacock (plumage up): 12''L x 32''W x 22''H  5.2 lbs.

large flamingo: 18''L x 17''W x 45''H  6.5 lbs.

medium flamingo: 20''L x 12''W x 39''H  5 lbs.

bee pair: 13''L x 2''W x 13''H lbs. and 8.5''L x 2''W x 8.55''H 1 lb.

colorful iguana: 17''L x 12.5''W x 6.5''H  2 lbs.